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Revisitando: Les magiciens de la terre. Pompidou, 1989.

Les magiciens de la terre

Magiciens de la Terre, 1989 (7' 50" Video clip)
For three weeks, two Betacam camera teams followed the work of fifteen artists from day to day during the setting up of their works at the Georges Pompidou Centre and at La Villette Grancfe Halle. For the first time in history, in May 1989, Western and non- Western artists exhibit in the same areas without any order of rank. This is the only record of a historical event. It takes us into the world's largest atelier to participate in the creative process in a community of different languages and peoples united in a single place. The book contains previously unpublished interviews with the artist who participated in the exhibition. Various differing opinions of the significance of being an artist in our society and in other cultures emerge. The book is completed by some writings by Jean-Hubert Martin, Curator of the Museumof Modern Art at the Pompidou Centre, and Andrd Magnin, organizer of the exhibition: extracts from the diary of their travels in Nigeria and Tanzania.

Para ampliar información, consultar página 44 del PDF del documento: CERVIÑO, Mariana. El circuito internacional del artecontemporáneo en los primeros noventa. Una descripción del llamado “arte global”

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